Duterte gives peace a chance, while Sweden knocks on Dylan's door
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October 19, 2016


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#Pnut4Prez: Finally The Debates Are Almost Over

The best thing about the 3rd presidential debate is that it’s the last one. If you’ve forgotten, the first two debates were filled with interruptions, lies, stalking, dancing, and sniffling. We can only hope that the 3rd debate won’t feel as much like an episode of Jerry Springer. Here’s what to know going into the debate:

PNUT READ: 3 Ways To Make The 3rd Presidential Debate Enjoyable

Tune in Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST to watch the debate—If Hillary Clinton has her way, it will be the last time she’s ever in the same room as Donald Trump. Or, if you’d prefer to preserve your sanity, skip the debate and read our recap on Thursday morning. We will also be live tweeting the debate if you want to follow along.

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EU Already Worried About What Happens If Mosul Falls

We aren’t even three days into what has been described a two month battle to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS and the EU is already worried they won’t be able to deal with the aftermath. Mosul, which is thousands of miles away from Europe, is host to hundreds of ISIS fighters that are also EU citizens. The EU is worried that if they aren’t killed in the fighting then they will decide to come back to Europe and conduct terror attacks. That’s just one of the issues officials are thinking through as the fight against ISIS enters a crucial and possibly final phase. Let’s just hope the Iraqis win the battle. 

GOOD READ: How Did ISIS Become So Powerful?

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Is Rodrigo Duterte A Closet Hippie?

You may know Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte from such travesties as killing 3,800 suspected criminals, shouting vulgarities at President Obama or even forcing criminals to take Zumba classes. But did you know he’s a peace-loving flower child after all? In an effort to repair relations with China, Duterte arrived in Beijing with a 400-person delegation to start talking friendship. His new “make friends, not war” rhetoric seems odd, considering he told a reporter, “I don’t give a shit [about human rights]” the day before he left for China. But it might actually work: China seems keen to accept Duterte’s olive branch if it means luring a key US ally away from President Obama, and it could ultimately strengthen Chinese influence in the hotly disputed South China Sea. 

PNUTTY VIDEO: Duterte Has Some Choice Words For President Obama

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Earth Is Getting Hot, But We're Not Bothered

Turns out the world is burning in more ways than one. NASA announced that 2016 is “locked in” to be the hottest year on record since modern records began 136 years ago. To make matters worse, the assumption that a strong El Nino year was to blame for the high temperatures has been disproved by Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who determined that this year’s temperatures would have been the highest regardless. Just this past month, average temperature for 2016 was 0.91 degrees Celcius higher than the same month between the years 1951-1980. If that doesn’t sound like a scary number, the last time it was this hot Earth was in an inter-glacial period 130,000 years ago. We have reached the same temperatures in under a century and a half.

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Nobel Prize Can't Make Bob Dylan Feel Their Love

Bob Dylan won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” And what could be a more poetic than ghosting on your devotees and never answering their calls? The Swedish Academy is no longer knockin’ on Dylan’s door, for after a few days of calling they were left blowin’ in the wind. “We have stopped trying. We said everything we needed to his manager and friend, he knows about us being eager having confirmation from him, but we haven’t heard anything back,” said the Swedish Academy’s administrative director. But don’t think twice, it’s all right for Dylan. The Academy confirmed that “he will have the prize even if he is not there.”

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UK: British bank NatWest is denying reports that it closed the accounts of RT, a Russian news site. NatWest clarified that they froze the account of an RT supplier but not RT itself. Still, the Russian embassy in London believes it was an “openly political decision.”

Qatar: Two anonymous Taliban officials claim that the militant group has been having secret peace talks with the Afghan government this month in Qatar. Not only that, but they said US officials were part of the process. The Taliban’s spokesman denies these claims, as it could potentially hurt their brand.  




President Obama poked fun at himself in a fake job interview with Stephen Colbert.

Colbert also made a visual representation of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories.


In case you hadn’t heard, there’s this thing called the Internet, and The Webby Awards honors the very best of the Internet every year. So if you’ve got an awareness-raising campaign, a transcendent virtual reality experience, an upstart startup, side-splitting social content, an awesome app, or are a creator of all things digital audio, enter to win the “Internet’s highest honor” (dubbed by the New York Times no less). Take advantage of Early Entry Deadline pricing before Friday, October 28th, 2016 and enter here.


The Polls Are Looking Great For #GiantMeteor2016

It was meant to be a joke to gauge millennials’ level of unhappiness with the US elections, but it turned into a movement. According to a study from UMass Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion, 53% of the people they polled between the ages of 18 and 35 said they would prefer to see a meteor destroy the world than have Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, 34% said they’d rather vote for a meteor that showers down comings of the apocalypse than vote for Hillary Clinton. And if that doesn’t reflect the downtrodden attitudes of the young voters, over 23% – nearly a quarter of the millennials – preferred the giant meteor to any of the Presidential candidates. It’s probably a good thing the meteor can’t get on the ballot. 

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