Cariuma Test

MARCH 6, 2019  /   SUBSCRIBE



Have you heard of Cariuma? They’re your new favorite sneaker even if you don’t know it yet. These classic, comfortable, sturdy and versatile sneakers are perfect for work, trekking around the city, meetings or hitting the bar. Every Cariuma sneaker is handcrafted with premium materials, think buttery soft suede and super soft leather that feels pre-broken-in and ready to go. With a raw natural rubber outsole for flexibility and a memory foam insole for comfort, these sneakers will keep you moving. You’ll love that you can walk comfortably and live comfortably in these sneakers that are made in a better way, keeping your footprint stylish and small. For both men and women, there’s probably a canvas, leather, or suede Cariuma that’s perfect for you. Get your new favorite sneakers here.

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: