January 06, 2017

Syria: Let The Blame Games Begin

The Syrian War is far from over for the 5.5 million people who have minimal access to water supplies, according to the latest statement from the United Nations. Jan Egeland, UN humanitarian adviser to Syria, said his team was blocked from entering the north of Damascus and therefore it’s unclear whether the disruption of water flow was caused by Syrian government destruction or rebel sabotage. Either way, most Damascus residents no longer have water flowing in their homes and the UN believes that is the result of a war crime. They just aren’t sure of the culprit. 

Meanwhile, a new Blame Game kicked off yesterday when US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the UK for derailing President Obama’s plan for intervention in Syria. For those who need a refresher, Obama once said he would only bomb the Syrian regime if they began using chemical weapons, known as his “red line.” But after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used sarin gas on a suburb in August 2013, the United States failed to act. Kerry deflected the blame for America’s lack of participation by citing the UK’s vote against airstrikes. Kerry’s exhaustion with his own job is becoming obvious in his blunt rhetoric. His response to the “red line” question began: “Now, we were marching towards that time when, lo and behold … Prime Minister David Cameron went to the parliament…and he sought a vote for approval for him to join in the action that we were going to engage in. And guess what? The parliament voted no, they shot him down.”

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: