November 21, 2016

South Korean President Aims For Worst Leader Of 2016 Award

South Korea became the latest nation plagued by terrible politicians over the weekend when prosecutors accused the sitting President Park Guen-hye with giving her friend, Ms. Choi, classified documents and helping her extort companies for some cash. Casual. Choi has been a friend of President Park for over 40 years and Park has so far apologized twice on national television for that friendship. Prosecutors allege that Choi, along with two of Park’s aides were pressuring corporations to make donations to specific foundations controlled by Choi, which sorta feels like plot of a movie involving Dilma Roussef, the Clinton Foundation and Trump University all rolled into one. The scandal has brought the country to a standstill as hundreds of thousands of people call for Park’s resignation. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: