November 29, 2016

Ohio State Quickly Contains An Attack On Campus

Ohio State University is still shaken after a student attacked his classmates in the middle of campus on Monday. A student rammed a car into pedestrians on a crowded campus sidewalk and then left the vehicle only to begin slashing at more students with a butcher knife. The chaos only lasted for a minute – police fatally shot the suspect within 60 seconds of the attack – but the confusion and panic set in for the rest of the nation throughout the day. The campus in Columbus, Ohio remained on lockdown for two hours as people ran for cover, many of whom believed there was a possible shooter. Eleven students were sent to the hospital but only the suspect, Adbul Artan, was killed. Authorities are still unclear on motive, but we know Artan was a permanent US resident of Somali descent and a logistics management major at Ohio State. 

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