November 14, 2016

Obama Uses Lame Duck Period To Discover Greece Is In Crisis

President Barack Obama finally decided to weigh in on the never-ending Greek crisis on Monday, calling for “meaningful debt relief” for the perpetually broke European nation. During the course of his Presidency, Obama has largely left Europe to handle their European problems, and just like in World War I, that policy hasn’t worked out so well. Europe’s been trying, and largely failing, to deal with Brexit, Grexit and possibly Frexit and Swexit as early as next year. Obama is preparing for his final trip as President which will take him to Greece and Germany, where he will try and assure people that NATO still exists, with a final stopover in Peru for some ceviche and a chance to lament the failure of the TPP to come into effect. China, which is quite excited at the prospects of a failed TPP, is launching its own version of the trade agreement which will, unsurprisingly, not include America. 

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