October 24, 2016

South Park Blames Canada, But Canada Blames Belgium

A landmark trade treaty between the EU and Canada fell apart on Monday due to objections from one of the many parties involved. While it’s popular to blame Canada (or Obama) when things go wrong, it wasn’t their fault this time. The Belgian region of Wallonia, which aside from sounding like a Game of Thrones Kingdom is also a socialist, anti-free trade region, rejected the deal. Now you might be wondering why the Walloons can hold up a free trade agreement. It’s because Belgium can’t approve it without them. Belgium has a unique “three-legged race” approach to governance, requiring Wallonia, Flanders, the German Community and the Federal Government to approve any important legislation. This unique style has led to wonderful gems like going 589 days without a government and general ineptness in the war on terror. Luckily, it hasn’t impacted their chocolate making abilities.  

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: