October 10, 2016

Republicans Are Too Busy Fighting Amongst Themselves To Run For President

The train wreck otherwise known as Donald Trump’s Presidential bid continued apace on Monday as the Republican nominee spent the day fighting with the Republican Party instead of his rival, Hillary Clinton. With post debate polls indicating a Clinton victory and another WSJ poll giving Hillary an 11 point lead, some GOP leaders took the unprecedented step of abandoning their nominee. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he would no longer support Donald Trump and told members of Congress to do what’s right for their districts, aka “you do you.”

Donald Trump went on the offensive, tweeting that Ryan should focus on his job rather than fighting with him and Newt Gingrich told the leadership that they are either with Trump or against him. RNC members put pressure on their leadership to remain behind Trump, something they eventually affirmed. Meanwhile, Warren Buffet released his tax returns, saying he didn’t use the loophole Trump used to carry forward his $900 million loss. Buffet pointed out that he was also under audit and that that shouldn’t stop Trump from releasing his taxes. 

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