October 06, 2016

Just A Wee Update On Brexit

Brexit “discussions,” aka aggressive posturing, took an ominous turn last week during the UK Conservative Party’s annual conference. Unelected Prime Minister Theresa May sought to “reassure” voters that she would be pushing for a hard Brexit, hoping to limit immigration from the EU bloc, while speaking in an EU-funded venue. She struck a more centrist ground on the economy, promising to end austerity and reliance on monetary policy to stimulate the economy. Businesses were alarmed at the anti-immigrant tone however, as proposals were presented to force businesses to list foreign workers and the NHS to limit foreign doctors. German Chancellor Angela Merkel struck back, promising Britain an über hard Brexit that would deny them access to the common market if they don’t keep doors open to EU workers. The British Pound felt the pain overnight.

Meanwhile, the pro-Brexit UKIP party reached a new level of disarray when one of their Members of the European Parliament was beaten up during a regular party meeting. This comes a few days after their leader, Diane James, resigned 18 days into the job… bloody good show ol’ chaps. 

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