October 23, 2016

ISIS: Hey, Look Over Here!

In an attempt to divert attention away from the Iraqi government’s offensive on Mosul, ISIS launched an attack in Rutba. From a strategic standpoint, Rutba would normally be seen as an inconsequential town in the Anbar province, but ISIS has been launching assaults, throwing tantrums and kicking dirt in other cities in hopes to distract from Mosul and show that they still have power. The strategy seemed to have worked in Kirkuk, where ISIS set fire to a sulphur plant and sparked two days of fighting, which forced the Iraqi government to draw some troops from their front lines in Mosul. In Rutba, ISIS insurgents were able to gain access to the city and several local policemen died in the attack. However, it didn’t seem to distract the government from continuing their efforts in Mosul at all. Kurdish Peshmerga forces continued to launch fresh attacks to the north-east of Mosul, encroaching on the city. 

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