October 04, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Is On The Move To Who-Knows-Where

Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, struck Haiti this morning bringing winds reaching 145 mph and leading to flooding and the destruction of homes. It is unknown how many casualties there have been, and because it is still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, Haiti is not well-prepared to deal with more damage. Hurricane Matthew is the strongest hurricane to hit Haiti since 1964.

Meanwhile, everybody on the east coast of the United States is trying to figure out what the storm means for them. It’s still too early to know what Matthew’s impact on the U.S. will be. Your guess is as good as Karen Smith’s. Many forecasts have Matthew reaching Florida Thursday morning and making its way up the coast to the mid-atlantic by Saturday, though the eye of the storm is likely to stay offshore. 

PNUTTY VIDEO: Footage of the storm from on the ground and outer space.

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