October 16, 2016

Haiti: Hurricanes, Cholera And Now, Teargas

Life in Haiti continues to deteriorate in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Still reeling from the hurricane’s massive destruction and the cholera that swept the country immediately afterwards, Haitian protestors were hit with teargas during a clash with United Nations peacekeepers. Shortly before UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s helicopter was due to land in Les Cayes, residents began throwing rocks at peacekeepers at the Les Cayes UN base. About 100 people were throwing rocks and yelling at UN staff, expressing their frustration at the delays in receiving aid since the hurricane hit. Protestors scattered after peacekeepers used teargas and Ban eventually landed to give a heartwarming speech, but tensions remain, as many blame the UN peacekeeping base for inadequately treating sewage, which introduced cholera to the nation’s biggest river. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: