October 20, 2016

6 Biggest Moments From The Final Presidential Debate

The third and final presidential debate was like a good EDM song. It was calm at first and slowly built to an unprecedented, anti-democratic drop. Here’s a recap of the trajectory of the night.

It started slow, with a softball about the Supreme Court

Clinton: “The Supreme Court should represent all of us.”

Trump: “[The 2nd amendment] is under such trauma.”

Then we got to immigration and the tempo picked up

Trump: “We have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get ’em out”  

Clinton: “I don’t want to see the deportation force that Donald has talked about.”

And of course we were treated to another discussion about our old friend Putin

Clinton on Wikileaks: “Will Donald Trump admit and condemn that the Russians are doing this?” 

Trump: “I don’t know Putin…he’s not my best friend.”

You thought the beat was going to drop when the debate became a puppet show…

Because we were off to crazytown

Trump only had this to say about allegations of sexual assault: “Those stories have been largely debunked. And I really want to just talk about something slightly different.”

The stories of these 12 women have not been “largely debunked.”

But nothing else mattered after the beat dropped. Trump said he would keep us in suspense about whether or not he would incite a civil war if he lost the election.

Even if our democracy is coming to an end, at least the debates are over!


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