September 07, 2016

#pnut4prez: Clinton And Trump Almost Go Head-To-Head

NBC didn’t hold back at the Commander-in-Chief forum where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump almost shared a stage with each other. The two candidates fielded questions from military veterans and active service members in a back-to-back session that tested their mettle as potential Commanders-in-Chief (we assume their changing rooms were separated by a Mexican-paid-for wall). Hillary was forced to answer uncomfortable questions about her handling of classified emails and her support for the Iraq War. Trump delivered his usual: vague promises that he would fix everything that Obama has broken, failing to offer any specifics. Things got especially awkward when he was confronted with a tweet that implied that sexual assault should be expected when women are allowed to serve in the military. The party doesn’t end here. Check back on September 26 for the next presidential debate. 

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