September 21, 2016

Pnut Readers Do Not Like The Wells Fargo CEO

After Senator Elizabeth Warren roasted Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf for his handling of a scandal in which 2 million fraudulent accounts were created to meet sales goals, we asked Pnut readers what they thought should happen to Stumpf. It turns out they want to throw the book at him. 

81% of respondents agree with Warren that he should be criminally investigated.

40% of respondents think he should resign (something else Warren suggested).

3% of respondents don’t think anything should happen to him.

And many readers had more creative punishments in mind:

  • “He should be made to work as teller and ask to cross-sell until he hits his target!!!!”
  • Stuff Jamie Dimon’s balls in his mouth.”
  • Send that white man to jail.”
  • “Should be forced to live on $12 hourly salary when released from jail.”
  • “Waterboarded”
  • “Publicly shamed”
  • “Deport his ass to China where he can see the other side of democracy, or deport his ass to Brazil where he can learn how graft really works without being caught!”
  • “Put him away with Madoff so they both can write the book of crooks. Give proceeds to those they’ve screwed.”
  • “Everything he owns should be sold and the proceeds given to the poor and he should then be drawn and quartered.”
  • “Dipped in honey, rolled in seeds, locked up with a herd of angry ostriches.”
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Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: