September 12, 2016

North Korea Dazzles Tourists With World’s Worst Hotel

Kim Jong-un’s efforts to boost tourism in North Korea is getting challenged on TripAdvisor. Reviews of the Ryanggang Hotel are so dismal, they’ve become viral and the “resort” is now being named TripAdvisor’s worst hotel. Of course, with matters related to electricity, hot water and even fruit, some of the reviews might be confusing the hotel’s problems with the country’s problems. A few gems include:

“This hotel is shocking. I flushed the toilet and my feet got a wash.”

“When we arrived, we were told hot water will be available from 9pm to 11pm. Later we will find out that it was a lie, there was no hot water on that day at all. It was also very cold, as heating seemed to be non-existent. We all had to walk around with coats on, and there seemed to be no radiators anywhere in the building at all!”

“My bed did not have a mattress, it was a plank with some cushioning on top..”

“Soviet style, dark hallways…”

“There’s also frequent power outages that last about 5-10 minutes, although that’s the case with most North Korean buildings.”

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: