September 25, 2016

Corbyn: From No-Confidence To Reelection In Under Three Months

Unity was the word of the weekend at the Labour Party convention after leader Jeremy Corbyn handily won reelection with nearly 62% of the over 500,000 votes cast. Members of the party appear to have gotten over their post-Brexit frustration with Corbyn after he received a vote of no confidence from Labour MPs just three months ago. In his victory speech, Corbyn called for unity in the party he has lead for a year, though he is still seen as a hard-line outsider by many in the party establishment. By American electoral standards, 62% would be seen as a sweeping victory, but there is still a sense of disunity in the Labour party and the results have provided fodder for Corbyn’s political opponents. “172 Labour MPs don’t think Jeremy Corbyn can lead the Labour Party – so how can he lead the country?” said Conservative party chairman Patrick McLoughlin

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: