September 18, 2016

Introducing Daily Pnut’s UNGA Drinking Game

It’s that special time again. A time when the world’s leading policy makers, activists, investors, journalists, experts and of course celebrities descend upon New York City to tackle the biggest issues facing humanity. While these talking heads decide our fate, let’s kick back and play Daily Pnut’s UNGA Drinking Game. The rules are simple:

  • Take a shot every time you hear a new term for ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Islamic State, you know the one.
  • When US President Obama lightens the mood with a joke, drink.
  • When an accused dictator denounces American imperialism, drink.
  • When Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau share an inside joke, swoon but also drink.
  • When a world leader insists that they’re doing “all they can” for refugees, drink. 
  • Whenever special advisor Karen AbuZayd calls those world leaders out on their BS, drink.
  • Take a shot whenever Ban Ki-moon says it’s “high time now” for a woman to lead the organization.
  • When a dictator insists there is no homosexuality in his country, drink. 
  • If Fiji’s UN Ambassador Peter Thomson says “It’s great to finally be here,” drink.
  • If someone suggests a way of fighting Zika without wiping out our bees, drink.
  • And if the Paris Agreement gets ratified, open a bottle of champagne.

Have more ideas to add to the list? Tweet at us your suggestions using the hashtag #UNGADrinkingGame and we’ll share our favorites throughout the week.


Hopefully there will be something new to add to this highlight reel by the end of the week:

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: