September 22, 2016

FARC Rebels Take Cue From Burning Man

Getting out of the jungle never felt so good… or confusing. No, but seriously, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) threw a rave to mark the end of the country’s 50-year guerrilla war. The rebels’ festivities took place in a field in the Savannas of Yari, a remote part of the country known for being home to FARC hostages chained up during the war. But the rebel commanders took a cue from Burners and transformed the vast landscape into an epic party equipped with a fog machine, massive video screen and bands hailing from the country’s capital of Bogota. What was meant to be a conference to ensure a smooth transition for the rebels into the country’s broader electoral politics evolved into a Burning Man-esque rave… just the ravers had never raved before. Apparently many looked on very confused. If the October 2 referendum passes officially bringing an end to the war, should we celebrate next year in Yari? Black Rock City is so 2016.

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: