September 23, 2016

Daily Pnut’s Presidential Debate Drinking Game

We’ve reached the part of the presidential campaign that everyone has been waiting for and dreading at the same time: the debates. If you’re like us and you’re sick of hearing about Hillary’s emails and how great Donald Trump will make America, this drinking game may be the only way to make it through the first debate on Monday night. Warning: This game is very dangerous.

2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game Rules

  • Take a shot every time Trump refers to her as “Crooked Hillary.”
  • Every time Hillary Clinton refers to “Millennials,” drink.
  • If Trump is wearing a white power tie, swap whatever you’re drinking for tequila.
  • If Trump falsely claims Hillary started birtherism, finish your drink.
  • If Hillary Clinton roasts Wells Fargo like Elizabeth Warren did earlier this week, drink.
  • Every time Trump attacks the media, drink.
  • Take a shot any time either candidate uses the word “deplorable.”
  • Every time Trump says the word “great” or “huge,” drink. (Note: you may have to retire this rule halfway through for your health and safety).
  • Any time Hillary Clinton brings up the Trump Foundation, drink.
  • Any time either candidate refers to President Obama, drink.
  • Finish your drink if Trump says something positive about Vladimir Putin or any other oppressive world leader.
  • If Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to answer a question, finish your drink.
  • If Donald Trump makes any of these bizarre faces, drink.
That should be more than enough to make you wish you didn’t have work on Tuesday. Have more ideas to add to the list? Tweet us your suggestions using the hashtag #PnutDebate and we’ll add our favorites to the list.

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: