September 07, 2016

Coming To Europe: Another Wall

The United Kingdom announced plans to fund a wall near the Calais “Jungle” Refugee Camp, giving the French a problematic sense of security as they prevent migrants from trying to get to the UK.  The “Great Wall of Calais” will run along both sides of the main road to Calais port and cost the Brits £1.9 million, practically pennies within the larger £17 million security package. Plans for the wall launched several comparisons to the other grievous walls, both from the past and future: at 13 feet high, the Great Wall of Calais will be taller than the Berlin Wall, but not as high as the wall Donald Trump is proposing for Mexico. Beyond the moral implications, British voters are also frustrated with the “poor use” of public money. Home Secretary Amber Rudd deflected that on the French, saying “We support the French with money. […] It’s up to them how they decide to secure their borders in Calais and around it.”

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: