September 13, 2016

Black Metal Legend Elected To Town Council Against His Will

If you’re not familiar with Norwegian music legend Fenriz or his infamous black metal band, Darkthrone, you might get to know him now that he has made a reluctant segue into politics. While preparing to release his next album, Fenriz agreed to join a “backup list” of potential candidates for a neighborhood council outside of Oslo. His campaign was literally just a picture of Fenriz holding his cat with the words “Please don’t vote for me.” 

He clearly underestimated the marketing power of a cat. Fenriz won, proving that none of us should underestimate the power of a “backup list” this election season. Fenriz really didn’t want the gig, but he will be required to serve as councilman for four years before stepping down is even an option.

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: