September 13, 2016

Another One Bites The Dust In Brazilian Politics

Just a few months after presiding over the impeachment proceedings against then-president Dilma Rousseff, Eduardo Cunha finds himself in a precarious situation. The former speaker of Brazil’s lower house was impeached Tuesday for corruption. Cunha claimed he was impeached as “political vengeance” for his role in Rousseff’s impeachment, but his family’s shopping sprees in Miami, New York, Paris and Zurich provide pretty strong evidence he was earning more than his declared income of $130,000. The fun isn’t over for Cunha, who will now have to face possible criminal charges in addition to being impeached and barred from politics for eight years.

Don’t expect this to be the last you hear of corruption and impeachments in Brazilian politics. After the hearing, Cunha told reporters he planned to write a book and said, ominously, “I have a good memory.”

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: