August 31, 2016

Someone Tried To Smuggle Cocaine Through A Coca-Cola Factory

Could there be a better way to celebrate #ThrowbackThursday than with a Coca-Cola factory using real cocaine, just like in the old days? Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in southern France were expecting a shipment of orange juice when they discovered a huge shipment of cocaine instead. Sacks containing 815 pounds of cocaine (that’s 370 kilos, you narc) were hidden in shipping containers sent from Costa Rica, Coke’s spokesman said. Worth $55 million, the cocaine seizure is one of the largest in French history. Coca leaves haven’t appeared in the original Coca-Cola recipe since the 19th century and is obviously not the celebrated ingredient it once was. Authorities are not only investigating the attempted smuggle but are demanding their orange juice back. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: