August 24, 2016

Philippines’ War On Drugs And Turkey Plays ‘Risk’


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Duterte’s War On Drugs Feels Like An Actual War

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is really taking the ball and running with it. This weekend, we reported that he had already killed 900 suspected drug traffickers since he became president in June. That was already a batting average of 15 lives a day. Now reports are saying President Duterte killed upwards of 1,900 people during his recent “war on drugs” in just the past seven weeks. The man clearly believes his strategy is working because he’s picking up speed. Yet, the Senate is justifiably worried by this sharp increase in the deaths of likely innocent citizens. He’s urged civilians to get out there and shoot suspected drug dealers who resist arrest, so it’s not like any due process is going on here.

Turkey Plays ‘Risk’ In The South

Those in Turkey should avoid the town of Karkamis over the next few days. The government ordered the entire town to evacuate after it was hit from ISIS militants in Syria. The newly formed ghost town is expected to host Turkish-backed rebels over the coming days, who will prep their next offensive. Karkamis lies just across the border from the ISIS-held Jarablus. Since it was getting less and less safe for residents in Karkamis anyway, Turkey’s evacuation will make Karkamis ideal to host the rebel forces while they plan to take on nearby Jarablus.


Russia Doesn’t Get To Play In Any Games Now

The Court of Arbitration for Sport, the highest court for world sports and also the one with the most pretentious name, upheld the decision to ban Russia from the Paralympic Games because of widespread doping. The fancy court rejected Russia’s appeal, issuing what will most likely be the final word on the matter since the Games are scheduled to begin September 7. This is especially painful for Russia, considering their team collected 80 medals at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi. However, the court felt Russia “did not file any evidence contradicted the facts” of the original decision – besides an “oh, c’mon” – and so the original verdict is upheld.

Germany Is Starting To Act A Little Paranoid

A new civil defense strategy was leaked to the press yesterday that makes the German government look a little more worried for the future than they’ve let on. Chancellor Merkel’s cabinet is allegedly considering bringing back conscription, or at least a form of national service for civilians that would help the army deal with any future disaster. The plan also advises citizens to store enough food to last 10 days, because emergency services might be fully stretched dealing with a major disaster. We’re not sure who Merkel’s astrologer is but the leak has many people in the country concerned. Either the government knows something we don’t, or they’ve been taken over by the people wearing tin-foil hats and predicting end times.

New Hampshire Wonders If It’s Cool To Shame A Murder Victim

The parents of 19-year-old rape and murder victim Lizzi Marriott are fighting to convince the New Hampshire Supreme Court to keep the details of their daughter’s sexual past from being made public. Next month, the court will decide whether Seth Mazzaglia, who was convicted of raping and killing Marriott, has a right to unseal and use details of her sexual history as he appeals his conviction. Such “evidence” was initially deemed inadmissible thanks to New Hampshire’s rape shield law, which limits a defendant’s ability to use the victim’s prior sex life as evidence against her. If the court decides the rape shield law doesn’t apply in the appellate process, this could set a dangerous precedent in how victim’s privacy is handled. It could deter many victims of sexual violence from stepping forward, knowing that their sexual history would become public record.


Tesla: Thanks to the Model S all-electric sedan, Tesla can now call itself the maker of the world’s fastest production car. The sweet new ride can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2-1/2 seconds.

Peru: Officials believe that a rogue group of officers within the country’s police force were carrying out illegal killings. An investigation is underway and has already identified 18 officers involved in corruption that began around 2012.

North Korea: The DPRK fired another submarine-launched ballistic missile off its east coast, defying the terms of the UN Security Council resolution. The launch comes two days after South Korea and the US began their annual military exercises in the South, which North Korea sees as a preparation for invasion.


Scientists Find Lab Rats On Pot Just Can’t Be Bothered

All that money wasted on research, when all they had to do was ask us. The Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience published a study from the University of British Columbia (of course) on the effects of marijuana on a rat’s willingness to exert cognitive effort. Rats that only ingested CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of marijuana known for its medicinal benefits, were just as alert and functioning as ever. But those lab rats that took bong rips of THC, marijuana’s main active ingredient, had no interest in doing their tasks and just wanted to watch cartoons all day.

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: