August 23, 2016

New Hampshire Wonders If It’s Cool To Shame A Murder Victim

The parents of 19-year-old rape and murder victim Lizzi Marriott are fighting to convince the New Hampshire Supreme Court to keep the details of their daughter’s sexual past from being made public. Next month, the court will decide whether Seth Mazzaglia, who was convicted of raping and killing Marriott, has a right to unseal and use details of her sexual history as he appeals his conviction. Such “evidence” was initially deemed inadmissible thanks to New Hampshire’s rape shield law, which limits a defendant’s ability to use the victim’s prior sex life as evidence against her. If the court decides the rape shield law doesn’t apply in the appellate process, this could set a dangerous precedent in how victim’s privacy is handled. It could deter many victims of sexual violence from stepping forward, knowing that their sexual history would become public record. 

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