August 10, 2016

Kosovo Lawmaker Has A Tear Gas Tantrum

It’s not every day that a politician thinks to himself, “I should bring tear gas to work today, just in case.” Nonetheless, the thought crossed the mind of Driton Caushi, a member of Kosovo’s largest opposition party, when Parliament voted on a crucial border deal that would give Kosovo visa-free access to the EU. Officials had to flee the parliament hall when he opened the tear gas canister during a meeting. As Caushi was led away by police, he urged the opposition party to persevere against the “criminal government” at all costs. There have been several acts of this sort in recent months. Those against the deal believe Kosovo will lose about 20,000 acres of land to Montenegro as a result. The Prime Minister, and his biggest supporters the US and EU, strongly deny this claim. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: