August 17, 2016

German Vice-Chancellor Gave A Bunch Of Neo-Nazis The Finger

There is a time and place for civil debate, but this wasn’t it. Video footage emerged yesterday that shows Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel letting a bunch of neo-Nazis know how he really feels about them. Gabriel was delivering a short speech at an election campaign event, when about 20 neo-Nazi protestors crashed the party, wearing masks and hurling insults like, “cultural Marxist.” Not the most dastardly thing we’ve heard shouted at a politician, even a center-left one. Gabriel remained patient until one neo-Nazi brought up Gabriel’s father – a Nazi sympathizer with whom Gabriel ended ties at 18-years-old – and screamed in German, “your father loved his country, and what do you do? You destroy it.” That was the last straw for the Vice Chancellor. There’s no leveling with masked Nazi hecklers, so he spoke the universal language of the bird.

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