July 12, 2016

Theresa May In The UK, Another Mass Shooting In The US



It’s Take-your-enemy-out-to-lunch Day! Not really, but it could be for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders


Party Of Boarding School Kids Turns To Strong Matriarch In Time Of Crisis

British politics took another ruthless turn yesterday when Andrea Leadsom quit the race for PM leaving the field wide open for Theresa May to be the next conservative leader and PM. A clearly giddy David Cameron seized the opportunity to announce his early retirement on Wednesday and proceeded to literally hum his way back to 10 downing street where he began packing his bags and checking Craigslist for a new flat to rent.

So, who is Theresa May?

May was the longest serving Home Secretary in the UK prior to stumbling into the PM position. Despite officially backing the campaign to “Remain” in the EU it’s rumored she harbors Eurosceptic views. She’s also managed to remain above the fray in the circus that has come to define the post-Brexit British political class. May is known for being tough on migration, a legacy of her time as Home Secretary, but is also one of the most competent and “ideologically flexible” politicians of the day. Two traits desperately needed as the UK navigates the uncertainty to come. 

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Another Mass Shooting In The US, Part 229

Kicking off another violent week, three people are dead after a courthouse shooting in Berrien County, Michigan. Police officers shot and killed the suspect after he opened fire in or near a third floor courtroom, killing two bailiffs and injuring a deputy and a civilian. Although there have been over 200 mass shootings in the United States in 2016 alone, we can’t let ourselves grow numb to this reality. 

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Pacifist Japan Tired Of Being Everybody’s Pal

Just like everyone else who has Pokemon Go, Japan is becoming more active. Not long after World War II, Japan’s constitution included a pacifism clause known as Article 9, which outlawed war as a means to settle international disputes. Thanks to Article 9, Japan has been voted “Everybody’s Pal” in the World Yearbook since 1947, but that’s about to change. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has his sights set on changing Article 9, and now his party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and a few smaller, like-minded parties control two-thirds of the upper house in the government. These MPs now have enough seats to make constitutional changes, but the public is already deeply divided on the issue.

South Sudan: Ceasefire? But We Just Got Started

After days of intense fighting that left over 200 people dead, South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and first Vice-President Riek Machar ordered a ceasefire in Juba. While it’s not confirmed how well the ceasefire is sticking, it still doesn’t look like a ceasefire. What started out as a shootout between rival soldiers at a checkpoint has turned into an all-out war in the capital city, where use of heavy artillery, tanks and helicopters are charging through Juba. According to the UN, this weekend’s violence prompted hundreds of internally displaced people to seek refuge in UN premises, and people in Juba are urged not to leave their homes for the time being.

S&P Rise Threatens To Complicate ‘Obama Ruined The Economy’ Theory

The S&P 500 rose to its highest level in history yesterday, closing at 2,137. A much-better-than-expected jobs report on Friday showed the economy adding 287,000 jobs last month. Investors also think that global economic uncertainty due to Brexit means that the Fed is less likely to raise rates again this year, which is good for stock prices. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still trying to recover from the effects of the 2008 financial crisis… that the US started.


Iraq: Now that Fallujah is out of the way, US and Iraqi forces are aiming to take back Mosul. The US intends to send 560 additional troops to Iraq to recover the city, which stands as the last urban stronghold for ISIS.

France: Calais’ Mayor Natacha Bouchart said that the remaining half of the  migrant camp near Calais will be dismantled. Known as the Calais Jungle, the camp still hosts about 4,500 people looking for a more permanent asylum.

 UFC: The American fighting promotion company was sold for $4 billion, making it the single largest transaction in sports history. UFC’s new majority owner will be the WME-IMG talent agency. 


Sheriff: Stop Trespassing Just To Play Pokemon GO

This week’s cultural phenomenon from Nintendo has brought people together. We’re not just talking about people encouraged to get out and exercise while chasing Pokemon; people literally collide because they’re distracted by the augmented reality. But some players are getting a little too close to their neighbors. Virginia’s Goochland Sheriff’s Office had to issue a warning to remind people that trespassing is still illegal, even if their are Pokemon hiding in someone else’s home. Some people have seen their homes overtaken by Pokémon “gyms.” Players seek out these gyms to compete, turning private residences into popular hangouts and giving tenets a fan club they never wanted. 

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