July 13, 2016

#pnut4prez: Democrats Circle The Wagons

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday and conceded that she was the Democratic nominee for President. In a speech that featured awkward shoulder rubs and hugs Bernie promised he would do everything in his power to make sure that Hillary became the next President. The announcement, which came weeks before the Democratic Convention in Philly lets Hillary breathe just a little bit easier going into the general election. 

Why did he endorse her now?

Bernie’s unwillingness to concede defeat and vague threats at a “messy” convention allowed him to impose many of his beliefs on the party platform despite the fact that he was almost guaranteed to lose the nomination. In the last few weeks Clinton’s embraced his positions on healthcare and college debt. If that wasn’t convincing enough we assume the prospect of a Trump Presidency frightened him into an endorsement. 

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