July 19, 2016

Germany’s Neo-Nazi Fringe Groups Are Breaking Up

Now that the far-right AfD party ditched some of its neo-Nazi members in an attempt to get mainstream, Pegida is hoping to replace them as the crazy right-wing party everyone loves to hate. Pegida is a protest movement composed of anti-Islamic, anti-immigrant, anti-happiness folk that supported the AfD party for its Eurosceptic platform, but were kept at an arm’s length for appearing too extreme. Pegida thinks it will have better luck creating their own party that’s even farther to the right of AfD. But don’t worry, Lutz Bachmann – the Pegida leader convicted of inciting racial hatred for calling refugees “cattle” and “scum” – promised not to run for office. Even Pegida knows that nominating a racist name-caller is a bad idea. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: