July 13, 2016

Dems Come Together And South China Sea Heats Up



We got to hang out with Christiana Figueres, the frontrunner for United Nations Secretary General. Check out our conversation about shifting attitudes toward climate change. 


#pnut4prez: Democrats Circle The Wagons

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday and conceded that she was the Democratic nominee for President. In a speech that featured awkward shoulder rubs and hugs, Bernie promised he would do everything in his power to make sure that Hillary became the next President of the United States. The announcement, which came weeks before the Democratic Convention in Philly, lets Hillary breathe just a little bit easier going into the general election. 

Why did he endorse her now?

Bernie’s unwillingness to concede defeat and vague threats of a “messy” convention allowed him to impose many of his beliefs on the party platform despite the fact that he was almost guaranteed to lose the nomination. In the last few weeks, Clinton’s embraced his positions on healthcare and college debt. If that wasn’t convincing enough, we assume the prospect of a Trump Presidency frightened him into an endorsement. 

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South China Sea: Court Rulings And Maturity

The Permanent Court of Arbitration, kind of like a Supreme Court for nations, ruled yesterday that China had no claim to the South China Sea. The Sea, which has ~$5.3 trillion of global trade pass through it every year, is claimed by seven different countries, many of which are US allies and one of which is China. The Chinese foreign ministry, which boycotted the court case, decried the ruling and said there was no way to enforce and therefore it would summarily ignore it. The ruling and the subsequent refusal of it will no doubt inflame tensions in the region. Real mature guys, real mature. 

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Italy Mourns Passengers In Deadly Train Collision

Two passenger trains collided on a single-track line in southern Italy between the coastal towns of Bari and Barletta. At least 25 people are dead and 50 are injured from the collision, where authorities are still trying to pull victims from the wreckage. Policemen told journalists it was the “most tragic scene” they had witnessed in their lives, as they continue to airlift victims to nearby hospitals. The government is asking for blood donations of all types. 

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Obama And Bush Talk About Texas In Rare Joint Appearance

It was a day for unlikely friendships in the US yesterday. While Clinton and Sanders buried the hatchet, POTUS and former POTUS came together under more somber circumstances. President Obama spoke at the memorial service held to remember the five police officers killed by a sniper in Dallas. After weeks of violent engagement between police officers and civilians, it was a welcomed moment of reflection. He urged Americans to channel their anger into changing the discourse on violence, while former President George W. Bush called for unity, asking citizens to stop judging other groups by their worst examples. The presidential duo plan to visit the families of the slain officers, as well.

Pamplona Bull Run Riddled With Sexual Assault Reports

Because the bull run isn’t controversial enough for its animal rights abuses, Pamplona’s annual bull-running festival has once again been marred by a flood of sexual assault reports. In just the last six days, several women have come forward and reported four rapes, one attempted rape and 10 cases of sexual abuse. Last year, Pamplona Mayor Jose Asirón said the attacks on women had become “a black stain on San Fermín,” the annual festival in which hundreds of people race bulls through Pamplona’s narrow, cobbled streets. The government has since promised to end violence against women during the festival. Nonetheless, 15 men have already been arrested this week. Women’s rights activists continue to protest in Plaza del Castillo, where one of the alleged rapes took place, to demonstrate against the attacks that have become an annual occurrence during the festival. 


Zimbabwe: Evan Mawarire, a popular protest leader know for the #ThisFlag movement, was charged with inciting public disorder. The 39-year-old pastor will be held in custody until he is brought before a magistrate on Wednesday.

Venezuela: The government announced that it seized a factory from the US firm Kimberly-Clark. Although Venezuela’s labor minister said the seizure was illegal, the firm was halting operations anyway because they could not obtain the raw materials to keep it running. According to the government, the factory has reopened in “the hands of workers.”

Joe Paterno: The newly unsealed court documents from the child molestation case against Jerry Sandusky reveal that Penn State Coach Joe Paterno 
knew about one of Sandusky’s 14-year-old victims in 1976, but did nothing. Paterno died in 2012 at age 85.


Ferrets Are Endangered And Only M&Ms Can Save Them

In the US, the black-footed ferret is rarer than the rarest Pokemon, even though it’s just as cute. In an effort to try to save this endangered species that faces a plague epidemic across the American great plains, the US Department of Fish and Wildlife is using drones to release thousands of M&Ms laced with ferret vaccines. For those unfamiliar, the wild ferret is basically a fur-covered slinky that finds M&Ms irresistible, but much like adults who buy vitamins in gummy-form, they need some convincing to take their medicine. As always, children living in the US are advised not to eat the candy that falls out of the sky from drones. 

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