July 06, 2016

Clinton’s Email Saga, More Brexit Fallout




You seem like a smart bunch. Tell us your thoughts on Angela Merkel and the EU with this brief survey.



Clinton And The Never-Ending Email Saga

The much anticipated FBI probe into the Clinton email saga reached an anti-climactic conclusion yesterday. FBI director James Comey recommended no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. He didn’t let her off the hook, though. He reprimanded her and her team for being “extremely careless” with classified information. The Bureau found 110 emails with classified information. 

Does this mean we won’t hear about these emails again?

You can bet that’s what Hillary’s hoping for but you can also bet that that won’t happen. Trump already tweeted that the “system is rigged,” Paul Ryan said “damage was being done to the rule of law” and Republican Senator Ayotte said the “Clintons were playing by different rules.” So, yeah, expect to hear a lot more on this issue for the foreseeable future. Luckily for Hillary, she’s got Barack Obama and his sky-high approval ratings campaigning by her side now.  

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Brexit: Turns Out It Was As Bad As The ‘Experts’ Warned

The economic effects of the Brexit vote are starting to become apparent and, unsurprisingly, it is pretty bad. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney warned of a “material slowdown to the economy,” which is Central Bank speak for “shit’s hitting the fan.” The pound continued its slide to the lowest level in more than 30 years, and three commercial real estate funds have stopped withdrawals, which. With companies relocating jobs and freezing investments and the government in disarray, things are likely to get worse.

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Hungary: We Want Our Own Referendum! 

Referendum fever continues to grip the EU as Hungary became the latest country to announce that it will also hold a referendum. Hungary’s referendum won’t be on EU membership like in the UK. Rather, it will contest the EU setting mandatory settlement quotas for refugees in Hungary without consulting Hungary’s parliament. As usual with EU referendums, it is unclear what will happen if Hungary does indeed vote “no” and ends up at odds with EU law.


Rio Police Greet Tourists With A Warm ‘Welcome To Hell’

The police department of Rio de Janeiro have a new slogan that they’re now greeting tourists with: “Welcome to Hell! Police and firefighters don’t get paid, whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe.” While protesting the government that has failed to pay police officers in months, cops held up a sign with that cordial welcome outside Rio’s airport. With the Olympics just 30 days away, violence is on the rise in Rio and cops have begun to address the public directly, promising that they “won’t be able to protect you” due to the government’s failure to compensate its police force. But don’t worry tourists, the cops weren’t going to protect you from the Zika virus, the water pollution epidemic or the recession anyway. 


Colombian Peace Treaty Defers Death And Lowers ‘Taxes’

Colombia’s rebel group FARC will no longer “tax” businesses a “revolutionary tax” as the country enters the final phase in peace negotiations. Businesses were forced to pay the “tax” in return for protection in what was essentially a romanticized, communist version of “protection money” usually collected by the mafia or IRS. The group believes it can rely on its “savings,” estimated at ~$10 billion dollars, to feed the group until the end of the month. Expect some serious budget cuts there. 



Austria: The Austrian people will head back to the polls in
October to vote again for their largely ceremonial president. A court cancelled the last, very close election over improper handling of postal votes. The far-right candidate is favored to win the re-run.

Anti-Semitism: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan admonished Donald Trump for his use of anti-Semitic imagery in an anti-Clinton campaign poster which featured a Star of David. Trump’s campaign denies it was anti-Semitic but replaced the star with a circle in a revised version.

EgyptAir: The voice recorder of the EgyptAir flight that crashed into the Mediterranean two months ago revealed that the crew were fighting to
put out a fire onboard before the plane crashed. We still have no idea what caused the fire. Neither terrorism nor technical malfunction have not been ruled out.


That Awkward Moment When You Don’t Remember The Words To Your Anthem

Turns out you aren’t the only one that doesn’t know all the words to your national anthem. The head of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee Yoshiro Mori warned the Japanese Olympic team not to mumble the words to the Japanese national anthem when they are in Rio this summer. Japan isn’t the only country whose citizens just muddle through their anthem. Christina Aguilera missed a word while singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl in 2011 and surveys report that about two-thirds of Americans and half of young Brits don’t know the words to their national anthem. 


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