June 15, 2016

UEFA Gives Russia A Yellow Card

Fed up with Russian fans acting like drunken bullies at soccer matches, UEFAhanded the country a suspended disqualification. This doesn’t mean that Russia is out of the 2016 Euro for good; they have one chance left before they’re removed from the tournament entirely. Think of it as a Yellow Card. Despite Russian soccer officials encouraging the violence, believing fans were“defending the country’s honor,” the country was fined 150,000 euros for the violent scenes at the game in Marseille. France also began deporting groups of Russian fans.

Will France Finally Get Some Peace And Quiet?

Not exactly. The Euro tournament is an afterthought compared to the other problems plaguing the country. A convicted terrorist fatally stabbed a French police officer and his partner in front of their three-year-old son yesterday, broadcasting the horrific act on social media. Not only that, but French labor law protests have once again descended into violence. Several hundred masked demonstrators clashed with police in Paris, closing the Eiffel tower and disrupting transportation to the Euros. 

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