June 23, 2016

Symbol Of Rio Olympics Killed, Much Like Our Hopes

Because the near daily arrests taking place within Brazil’s government and the looming spread of Zika virus weren’t bad enough signs for the Rio Olympics, the killing of Juma the jaguar after it participated in the Olympic torch relay is a pretty loud metaphor for Rio’s problems. Shortly after Juma took part in the torch relay as a symbol of Brazil’s prowess and agility, the wild cat escaped her handlers. After tranquilizers failed to work on the frightened animal, a soldier shot Juma with a pistol. Organizers for the Rio Olympics now say it was a mistake to expose a chained wild animal to large crowds and fire. If the organizers weren’t expecting large crowds and fire at an Olympic torch relay  – which implies large crowds and fire in its very name – it doesn’t bode well for what else they have planned. 

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