June 27, 2016

SCOTUS Isn’t Worried About A ‘Texit’

In a dramatic ruling, the US Supreme Court threw out a Texas abortion access law that would have shuttered most of the clinics in the state. The 5-3 decision is being hailed as a historic victory and one of the most significant decisions from the Supreme Court on abortion in two decades. It sets a precedent that will deter other states from passing so-called “clinic shutdown” laws. Sure, Brexit has inspired Republican delegates to envision a “Texit” and even include hints of secession in their party’s platform, but historians are reminding the Lone Star statesmen that it’s legally impossible. They’re just going to have to listen to SCOTUS. 

What does this mean for the upcoming election?

Since Justice Scalia’s death in February, the fate of the Supreme Court has hung in the balance. Senate Republicans have refused to act on Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, leaving the court with eight justices who, until today, couldn’t agree on anything. Yet, yesterday’s ruling shows that even if Republicans were to pick the next Supreme Court Justice, the court would still have a five-justice majority to rule against abortion restrictions. And if Hillary Clinton were to win, that left-leaning majority would only grow.

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