June 08, 2016

Saudi Arabia Officially “Not That Bad” Anymore

The same United Nations that claimed Saudi Arabia was responsible for 60% of the child deaths and injuries in Yemen is now saying “whoops, nevermind.” After much protest from Riyadh, the UN has rescinded their April 2016 report and agreed to remove Saudi Arabia from the official UN blacklist of groups that violate children’s rights in conflict. The UN said it would conduct a joint review of each reported death, but Saudi Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi says it’s too late. Their new decision is “irreversible and unconditional” so no more take-backs. 

What’s Happening In Yemen Again?

Saudi Arabia brought in a coalition to support Yemen’s president after the Houthis seized the capital in Sana’a and other parts of the country. The war has already caused over 6,000 casualties and 80% of Yemen’s population needs humanitarian aid. Human rights groups have accused Saudi Arabia of targeting civilians in the past, and now Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are accusing the UN of caving to Saudi pressure. 

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