June 08, 2016

#pnut4prez: We’re Super Over Super Tuesday

After a year of name calling, long debates and stale speeches (otherwise known as campaigning) the US presidential primary season came to a close yesterday with the final “Super Tuesday.” Hillary Clinton actually clinched the nomination this time with victories in New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota putting her over the edge with a majority of pledged delegates. Bernie Sanders won Montana and North Dakota which, predictably, did not make him the Democratic Party’s nominee. California has not been called yet but leans towards Clinton at time of writing.

Is it over yet?

Good God no! What else would we have to talk about if it was? First they have to get through the conventions. These three day extravaganzas are typically feel good celebrations for the two parties, with lots of “rah-rah” speeches. This year’s might be a bit messier with Sanders vowing to fight on to a potentially“messy” convention. He’s scheduled to have a sit-down with Obama though which might calm things down. After that it is on to the general election in November ensuring that we have five more months of Clinton vs. Trump… yay?

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Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: