June 13, 2016

Oscar Pistorius ‘Too Depressed’ To Show Up To His Sentencing For Murder

The South African athlete’s possible 15-year jail sentence could be significantly reduced now that a defense witness psychologist said he suffers from “major depression.” Pistorius was convicted at the end of last year for shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day. Psychologist Jonathan Scholtz now argues that the Olympic star is too depressed to testify and that a jail term “would not be constructive.” While depression is a serious issue, state prosecutor Gerrie Nel thinks Pistorius’ team is lying about his condition, arguing that if Pistorius is “unfit” to testify, it’s strange he is fit to conduct media interviews. Nel also stated that the only sadness Pistorius has shown in court is for the effect killing his girlfriend had on his own life.

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