June 07, 2016

Nobody Wants To Go To The Euros

French Prime Minister Valls is still having a tough time convincing us that France isn’t in chaos or that next week’s European soccer tournament will go off without a hitch. Ukrainian intelligence believe detained Frenchman Gregoire Moutaux planned 15 attacks to execute in France while the country hosted the Euros. Moutaux was detained last month for purchasing five Kalashnikovs, two anti-tank grenade launchers, roughly 5,000 rounds of ammunition, 100 detonators and probably this month’s issue of Gun Digest with a pack of gum.

Who Is Gregoire Moutaux?

Moutaux was originally arrested for arms trafficking, but it’s now clear that he intended to do more than that. After his arrest on the Ukrainian border with Poland, his violent plans and ultranationalist views were revealed. It’s not clear why the Euros tournament was targeted, but Moutaux listed bridges, highways, a mosque and a synagogue as potential locations. Because of his original arrest, he is still being investigated by organized crime specialists, though the case could move to an anti-terrorist unit. 

Good Read: Full Findings by the Pew Research Centre

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