June 02, 2016

‘France Is Not In Chaos,’ Says PM, Amidst Chaos

Despite violent protests erupting across France, despite the rail workers’ strike that shut down half of the country’s train services, despite France declaring a state of emergency due to deadly flooding, despite Air France’s decision to strike which has already caused air travel nightmares, despite unions urging energy workers to cut power supply to various Parisian headquarters, despite panicked consumers receiving rations of gasoline, despite the country beginning to use its oil reserves due to the fuel shortage, despite oil refinery strikers protesting around fires, despite activists blocking access to the nation’s nuclear power plants, despite 10,000 dock workers setting off smoke bombs, despite riot police retaliating against thousands of other protestors, Prime Minister Manuel Valls doesn’t see a problem and will not rescind his labor reforms. He really thinks the Euros are going to be a good time. 

Ironic Read: America Warns Its Citizens Against Travel To France

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