June 27, 2016

EU Leaders To UK: New Phone, Who Dis?

Waking up from its massive Brexit hangover, the UK is feeling snubbed by their old drinking buddies who have every reason to be offended. The leaders of Germany, France and Italy have all insisted that the European Union won’t be holding informal talks with the UK until it triggers Article 50 to officially leave the EU. Not only is the UK no longer invited to sit at Angela Merkel’s lunch table, but the British Labour Party continues to lose friends, as well, as party deputy Tom Watson is now challenging party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of the campaign. The British certainly won’t be making any new friends from the recent racist attacks on Muslims and Poles in the wake of Brexit, and they certainly couldn’t buy friends if they wanted to. The British pound is now at a 31-year low, and they’ve lost their Triple-A credit rating. Well, at least they have the Welsh. 

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Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: