June 23, 2016

Colombia Hopes To End One Of The World’s Longest Wars

The Colombian government and FARC rebels announced that they reached a deal on a bilateral ceasefire. After three years of peace talks in Havana, the ceasefire is nothing short of historic, with many hoping it will be the last major step toward ending the longest running conflict in the Western Hemisphere. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said a final peace deal could be signed by July 20, which prompted widespread celebration of what the internet is calling #thefinaldayofthewar. Beginning in 1964, this conflict has killed over 220,000 people over the last five decades and has displaced seven million Colombians.  

What’s left to discuss?

The negotiations have resolved all the major points: rural reform, the drug trade, rebels’ inclusion in Colombian politics and reparations. All they need to do now is establish how the peace deal will be implemented. But of course, there is a disagreement. FARC wants a constitutional convention to incorporate the deal into Colombia’s constitution. The government thinks that’s a bit extreme and would rather stall by putting the deal to a popular vote. With the country just inches away from ending the war, let’s not get caught up in logistics. 

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: