June 29, 2016

Brexit: Because What Else Could We Talk About?

Britain got some good news yesterday as the pound bounced back a bit giving everyone a deep sigh of relief. Not a people to get too comfortable with good news, things promptly took a more chaotic turn with the opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn losing a non-binding no-confidence vote by MPs within his own party. They never really liked him anyway. Meanwhile, anti-EU far-right UKIP leader Nigel Farage went to the European Parliament to trade silly insults with other parliamentarians. At some point European Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker asked him if why he voted to leave was he then still gracing them with his presence. Well, for all of Farage’s complaints about the EU’s lack of democratic accountability, he actually doesn’t have a seat in the UK parliament, so he’s got nowhere else to go really.

Pnut Read: Brexit In A Nutshell

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