May 31, 2016

France: Another Day, Another Strike

After weeks of protests across France and several industry strikes that have debilitated the country’s infrastructure, you’d think President François Hollande would take the hint. Just 11 days before the country is meant to host the the 2016 Euro Soccer Tournament, rail workers launched a national train strike. With a massive sporting event around the corner, everyone is panicking except for President Hollande, who gave a resounding “meh” and said his new labor reforms, which give companies more rights to hire and fire, will not be withdrawn. 

What does this mean for the Euros?

France’s tourism board already warned Hollande that the various strikes and protests erupting across the country have caused a major disruption to tourists, and it’s likely that won’t change in time for the Euros. Not only will train travel be difficult, but flights are about to get complicated, as well. Air France also voted to go on strike for at least six days in June, protesting a separate dispute. Bon Voyage has now turned into Bonne Chance

Good Read: Full Findings by the Pew Research Centre

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