April 25, 2016

Obama Visits UK For A Cuppa Tea And A Town Hall

President Obama spent the weekend visiting the UK and Germany as part of a half-hearted attempt to keep the EU intact. He tried to help UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s campaign to remain in the EU by threatening to delay any potential US-UK trade treaty and encouraging young Brits to shun isolationism. London Mayor Boris Johnson, a strong advocate for leaving the EU, channeled his inner Donald Trump – both in rhetoric andhair style – and quipped that Obama harbored an “ancestral dislike” for the UK because of his part-Kenyan roots. Obama displayed his ancestral dislike by keeping baby Prince George up past his bedtime. The tyrant!

Anything else on this trip?

Ah yes, Obama also went to Hannover, Germany to pitch the US-EU free trade agreement, TTIP, that has been stuck in a mix of European bureaucracy and anti-trade populism on both sides of the ocean. Tens of thousands of people came out to protest TTIP just before Obama’s arrival. Obama also found time to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement for yelling too much and rule out ground forces in Syria… productive weekend all around. 

ADORABLE PURCHASE: Prince George’s Robe

Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: