April 21, 2016

Obama And Salman Get Relationship Counseling

Sometimes an argument gets too intense for text message and you have to confront your buddy in person. We can only assume that’s why President Obama hopped on a flight to Saudi Arabia to clear the air with King Salman. The pair had a lot to work out: has Obama been texting Iran? Have the Saudis been texting ISIS? It also didn’t ease tensions that the US is considering the 9/11 Bill and Saudi Arabia is taking out $10 billion in bank loans. Bruce Riedel, a director at the Brookings Institute, insists that “Saudi Arabia and America are not getting divorced,” while LSE’s Fawaz Gerges is calling their current dynamic “an estrangement.” No matter how you phrase it, the romance might be dead. 

GOOD BOOK: Saudi Arabia on the Edge: The Uncertain Future of an American Ally (Council on Foreign Relations Books (Potomac Books))


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