March 28, 2016

Pakistan Attack And Pope’s Easter Address


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Curious about Trump’s foreign policy? You can read it straight from the horse’s mouth here. If you’re still confused (likely) and want clarity, holler at us.



Pakistan, Iraq And Violence Against ChildrenA Pakistani faction of the Taliban took credit for a suicide attack that targeted women and children celebrating Easter in Lahore. The attack went off near the children’s play area, killing at least 70 people and wounding 300. Elsewhere in Pakistan, protesters marched against the execution of a radical Islamist who murdered a Pakistani governor for defending a woman wrongly accused of blasphemy. They called the radical a hero. 

This wasn’t even the only attack against children this weekend. An ISIS attack in Iraq killed 32 children playing in a soccer tournament, and a child was used as a suicide bomber in Nigeria (read below). 
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Pope Takes On Terror And Promises To Help Refugees Instagram celebrity Pope Francis used his Easter address to condemn terrorism and pray for victims of violence, particularly those still suffering in Syria. Francis also condemned the leaders and potential leaders (coughTrumpcough) who turn away migrants and refugees. His sermon, in the shadow of terrorist attacks in Brussels and Pakistan, comes as Europe tries to seal its borders before a surge in migration during the summer months. 
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#pnut4prez: Bernie Gets Lei’d  The state with quite possibly the most communes voted on Saturday, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Birdie Sanders took home landslide wins over the weekend. Sanders closed out the weekend 50-point leads in the Washington and Alaska state caucuses and almost as big of a win in Hawaii. which will probably improve morale in the Sanders camp. While the win in delegate-rich Washington certainly boosts morale in Sanders’ camp, it has not caught him up to Hillary who is only a few hundred delegates shy from clinching the nomination. 
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Brussels Update: Still On Edge… A bunch of hooligans (read: skinheads) disrupted a memorial to the victims of last week’s Brussels attack. After the group attacked minorities and began making Nazi salutes, police fired tear gas. In a sad irony, authorities decided to call off a “march against fear” because they feared they wouldn’t be able to keep it safe from terrorists or Nazis. Meanwhile, police across Europe continue to chase a seemingly never-ending series of leads of people planning terrorist attacks.   

Suspected Suicide Bomber Claims To Be One Of The Abducted Chibok GirlsThe Nigerian government is sending parents from the Chibok community to Cameroon to verify whether a suspected female suicide bomber is one of the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram two years ago. Islamic militants abducted 270 girls from a Chibok school in April 2014, and while some managed to escape, 219 remain missing. The young girl suspected of planning a suicide attack was arrested near the border with Nigeria. If the Chibok community can verify her claim, authorities may be able to track down the other missing girls.
Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Robert De Niro: The actor and Tribeca Film Festival Co-founder has reportedly pulled an anti-vaccination film from the festival. After multiple reviews (and mounting public pressure), it became clear that the film Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe wouldn’t be a fan favorite.
  • Al Jazeera: The media network has announced plans to reduce staff for “optimization” efforts. They’re expected to cut 500 positions in Qatar and their other locations. 
  • Ireland: Thousands of soldiers marched through the streets of Dublin yesterday to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Easter Rising â€” the Irish rebellion against Britain that fanned the flame of independence. 


‘Smell Dating’ Is New York’s Latest And Saddest Dating ServiceA lot of people air their dirty laundry on dating sites, but this is just too much. Apparently Tinder, Grindr, OKCupid,, J-Date, Christian Mingle and e-Harmony were limited in options, so New York singles are now demanding to know what people smell like before they date them. “Smell Dating” is a new matchmaking service that asks clients to send in their literal dirty laundry. A team then cuts up the stinky bits and sends swatches to potential mates. Clients smell a bag full of anonymous armpits and choose a partner based on a whiff. 


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