March 29, 2016

Obama’s New Pen Pal And The FBI Figures Out A Hack



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Facebook’s Oculus Rift is out! Can’t wait to walk around with a TV strapped to our foreheads as we crash into furniture around our house and pretend we are in the Bahamas (we aren’t).

Also, we might try experimenting with Facebook Live today, like our page to see us try to make this work (keep expectations low)!

FBI: Look Ma, No Hands (Or Apples) In a fairly childish turn of events, the FBI announced that it was able to get into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone “without Apple’s help” (Ha! Take that Tim Cook!). After month’s of needless back and forth, the FBI finally figured out how to do what the NSA and a bunch of Chinese hackers have probably been doing for years (i.e. look at your naked photos). Apple, which has been quite proud of its safety features, seemed confused by this latest twist in the plot.

Meanwhile, an armed man was shot as he tried to enter the US Capitol Building. Given that he wasn’t Arab, we presume this won’t make the “news” by tomorrow. Fidel Castro Isn’t Very Good At Love LettersOkay, so maybe US President Obama’s trip to Cuba didn’t patch things up with everyone. Never one to be brief, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro penned a 1,500-word letter titled “Brother Obama,” which takes apart the US President’s speech in Cuba line by line. Although POTUS met with Fidel’s younger brother and current Cuban President Raul Castro, he never sat down with Fidel. Big Brother Castro fired back with a believable I-didn’t-want-an-invite-anyway, reminding Obama, “We don’t need the empire to give us any presents.” GOOD READ: Fidel Castro’s Letter “Brother Obama” 


Erdogan Is Pissed Over A Foreign Diplomat’s Selfie Just like any other medium of self promotion, selfies can often seem a little tone deaf. Few can forget the sad but fascinating world of funeral selfies, a subculture just as decadent as it is archetypal of this era. British Consul General Leigh Turner thought a Turkish espionage trial against two journalists would make the perfect background for his latest self portrait. While a lot of people faved the selfie on Twitter, which included one of the journalists in the frame, Turkish President Erdogan is being a total grimace-emoji about it, demanding that the trial not be discussed on social media.  China Searches For Authors Of Mysterious LetterA letter critical of Chinese President Xi Jinping and signed by a number of “loyal part members” has rattled the Chinese government. The letter called on Xi to resign because of concentration of power, silencing of dissent within the Communist Party (irony here), bungling of a financial crisis and an unnecessary assertive foreign policy. The government, clearly rattled, has arrested and questioned a number of journalists as it tries to find the source.

BOLD READ: Letter Calling For Xi Jinping’s Resignation Friend Of Berta Caceres Worries He’ll Be Framed For Her MurderJust when the case of Caceres’ murder couldn’t get any murkier, the one guy who witnessed the shooting is now being illegally detained. Gustavo Castro Soto, the sole survivor and witness in the murder of Honduran environmental activist Berta Caceres, is asking the Mexican government to help with his release from detention in Honduras. Castro Soto was able to escape the fate of his friend and fellow activist by playing dead during the shooting, but his attorney fears that he will be framed for the killing. His friends and family have reason to worry, since the Honduran government has rejected calls for an independent investigation overseen by international experts.  Keeping Our Eye On…
  • Coming Home: Descendants of a bison herd captured and sent to Canada more than a century ago will finally be returning to the US. The bison will arrive at a Montana Native American reservation next month, in what tribal leaders have called an emblematic homecoming. 
  • Bangladesh: The High Court has rejected a 28-year-old petition calling for the removal of a constitutional provision recognizing Islam as the official religion. The decision has garnered much criticism, especially from academics who cited the country’s secular foundation. 
  • Alaska: The Pavlof Volcano erupted suddenly over the weekend and continues to shoot an ash plume over 27,000 feet high. 


Snoop Dog Launches Greatest Nature Show On EarthRapper, entrepreneur and lover of all things green, Snoop Dog has finally given fans what we so desperately needed: a nature show where he narrates the weird shit that goes down in nature. Interest began when Snoop’s “Plizzanet Earth” went viral, which dissected some great scenes like otters fighting crocodiles and tree frogs wrestling. You can now find his own series, “Planet Snoop,” on his Merry Jane YouTube channel. 

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