March 09, 2016

Super Tuesday 2, Iran Gets Feisty Now Too, #Sexts From North Korea



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Now Iran Is Testing Missiles Too Iran carried out a fresh ballistic missile testing yesterday in an effort to show the country’s “deterrence power” and maybe send a chill up the collective American spine. The US was quick to suspect that Iran had violated a UN Security Council resolution, but Iranian officials insist these missiles won’t be carrying nukes. International sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program were lifted this year, and although the US isn’t exactly pleased, Iran’s model rocket fun does not violate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — the current agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. 

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#pnut4prez On Super Tuesday 2: Trump Train And Bernie’s Back?

Super Tuesday 2 results are in. In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the campaign trail yesterday: 
  • Republicans: Ted Cruz may have taken Idaho, but Donald Trump is back with a vengeance after a mixed showing last Saturday. He dominated Mississippi with an 11% lead over Cruz, and came up big in Michigan after earning a highly coveted endorsement from the CEO of NASCAR (not joking). Marco Rubio, the establishment favorite, came in a distant fourth place in both of Trump’s winning states. Operation #stopTrump isn’t doing so hot. 
  • Democrats: Clinton took another big win in the South (Democratic stronghold) sweeping Mississippi. But the real action was in Michigan where Bernie Sanders edged out a narrow victory, despite many polls predicting a >99% chance of a Clinton win. Low turnout and losses in the Rust Belt should put Hillary on edge as she tries to lock up the nomination and move onto the general election.  
PNUT ASIDE: If you’re dreading another #DemDebate tomorrow night, fear not… @dailypnut will be live tweeting and cracking jokes. Follow along here.


Netanyahu Cancels Brunch Plans For Like The Millionth TimeWhat’s worse than someone canceling plans with you? Finding out about it through social media. Such was the case when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned down a meeting with President Obama and cancelled his entire US trip. Still stunned from having to find out via the media, the White House quickly dismissed Netanyahu’s claim that they had a scheduling conflict as “false.” The relationship between these two world leaders/ frenemies has had a long history of petty drama. Last year, Obama accused Netanyahu of breaching diplomatic protocol when Netanyahu announced plans to speak to Congress without notifying the President first. 

#Sext: North Korea Is Hacking Your SmartphoneThe National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s premier spy agency, says that their not-so-friendly neighbors to the north have been spying on the country via “enticing text messages” that would lure recipients into hacker traps. The agency says that last year, North Korea was able to turn 60,000 computers into “zombies” thanks to a similar technique. What kind of text message could seduce 60,000 people? We’d love to see a screenshot. 

EU-Turkey Refugee Deal Convenient For Everyone Besides RefugeesAfter marathon negotiations on Monday, Turkey and the European Union reached what’s being called a “breakthrough” deal to tackle the influx of refugees into Europe. Turkey is expected to stem the flow of refugees heading west and allow Europe to admit refugees back from Turkey. In exchange, the Turkish government will receive $3.3 billion to cover costs. But not everyone is happy with the deal, namely, refugees and aid workers. The UN’s refugee agency UNHCR is livid, arguing that sending refugees back en masse steps on the refugees’ right to protection under European law. 

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Israel: An American tourist was killed and 10 others wounded in a stabbing attack by a West Bank Palestinian in Jaffa, just a short distance from where US Vice President Joe Biden was visiting. 
  • Pakistan: Shahbaz Taseer, the kidnapped son of slain governor Salman Taseer, has been found alive in Pakistan
  • FBI: If you can’t beat Apple, maybe change the rules? The FBI has quietly changed its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans. 


Pet Tiger Fulfills Big City Dream Of Being A Stray Cat Social media erupted yesterday with footage of a tiger playing in Doha traffic. The adorable cub was seen romping around a motorway, no doubt loving its new freedom to be a wise-talking street cat ready to visit local alley ways and meet other strays. Unfortunately, city officials believe the tiger was indeed an illegally kept pet, made apparent by the broken leash around its neck. While it’s illegal to keep wild animals as pets in Qatar, a recent trend of neighbors complaining about tigers and cheetahs on the block has become prevalent. 

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